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Looking for a high-dose vitamin C supplement that is easy on your stomach? Look no further than Buffered C! This unique formula combines high-concentration vitamin C with calcium, magnesium and potassium for GI-friendly support. So you can get all the immune-boosting, antioxidant benefits of vitamin C without any of the discomfort.


Vitamin C is one of the most essential nutrients for our overall health and well-being. It plays a vital role in supporting immune health, as it helps combat cellular damage from free radicals. Vitamin C also boosts the function of immune cells and helps synthesize collagen to maintain healthy ligaments, tendons, and joints. Buffered C is blended with calcium, magnesium and potassium to deliver high-concentration vitamin C while reducing the potential of gastrointestinal upset.


Take 2 or more capsules once daily, or as recommended by your healthcare professional

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