Gi Immune Balance
Gi Immune Balance

Gi Immune Balance

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Looking for an all-natural way to maintain a healthy gut and bolster your immune system? Look no further than GI Immune Balance! GI Immune Balance is the only purified, dairy-free source of immunoglobulin G (IgG) available as a dietary supplement. Pure IgG helps to maintain a healthy intestinal immune system by binding a broad range of microbes and toxins within the intestine. This unique formula also features prebiotics and probiotics to further support gut health. Give your gut the boost it needs with GI Immune Balance today!


This unique supplement provides concentrated immunoglobulins to help keep your mucosal immunity strong. It also helps maintain microbial balance and supports the health and integrity of your gastrointestinal barrier. Plus, it helps maintain a normal inflammatory balance, keeping you feeling healthy and balanced.


Mix 1 scoop (2.5 grams) in 4 ounces of water or the beverage of your choice twice daily, or as recommended by your health care professional.

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